• We establish and coordinate international meetings on biomechanics.

    World Congress of Biomechanics

    World Congress of Biomechanics

    The World Congress of Biomechanics is a worldwide forum that provides an opportunity for exchange of information about all aspects of modern biomechanics. The objective of the Council is to provide permanence and stability for periodic  meetings of the World Congress of Biomechanics, and to communicate  information about the World Congress and any associated satellite  meetings, as well as about the scientific priorities in Biomechanics, to  as many people interested in the subject as possible. 

    • Eighth World Congress on Biomechanics  Jul 8 - Jul 12, 2018 | Dublin, Ireland
    • Seventh World Congress on Biomechanics  Jul 6 - Jul 11, 2014 | Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    • Sixth World Congress on Biomechanics  Aug 1 - Aug 6, 2010 | Singapore
    • Fifth World Congress on Biomechanics  Jul 29 - Aug 4, 2006 | Munich, Germany
    • Fourth World Congress on Biomechanics  Aug 3 - Aug  8 August, 2002 | Calgary, Canada
    • Third World Congress on Biomechanics  Aug 2 - Aug 8, 1998  | Sapporo, Japan
    • Second World Congress on Biomechanics  Jul 10 - Jul 15, 1994 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • First World Congress on Biomechanics  Aug 30 - Sept 4, 1990 | La Jolla, CA, USA

    Since the first  World Congress of Biomechanics in 1990, the Congress has become a premier forum for discussions and contributions over a wide range of  specializations that reflect the fundamental nature of Biomechanics in  Biology and Medicine.  It is sponsored by a worldwide consortium of  international and national Biomechanics organizations.  The World  Congress is accompanied by satellite and regional meetings focused on  topics appropriate for individual continents and countries.

    World Council of Biomechanics

    The World  Council of Biomechanics has the responsibility for selection of future  meeting sites. The World Council sponsors specialty meetings especially in countries in which biomechanics is an evolving discipline.